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"The first to apologize is the bravest, the first to forgive is the strongest, and the first to forget is the happiest." ~ Hugh Cholmondeley of Vale Royal Abbey, Cheshire, 2nd Lord Delamere

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  • One of our writers is currently preparing a script that will eventually provide the basis for a book and a film called, The Delamere Saga (The Untold Story of Vale Royal Abbey) © and negotiations are underway with major TV studios and film producers to be released in the not too distant future. The musical score for this dramatic, made for television film is currently being composed by the young, brilliant, talented pianist Denise Cheng-Hebdon from Taiwan. Read more about Classical Piano played by Denise, click here. To read the latest news regarding this remarkable book, click here.




  • Take Our Career Test Now - Our test format is custom matched to specific careers based on your personality.  Our career test is state-of-the-art and has a database pool of over 1000 well-paying careers. You can try our career test for free, click here.


  • Scholastic Teacher Express - The Scholastic Teacher Express store provides a new way to shop for educational products offering PDF versions, as well as paperback versions of thousands of teaching resources books, equipment, activities, practice pages and lessons plans at everyday low prices. Teaching Resources

Scholastic Teacher Express

  • Making the Right Choice for College & Career - Latitude is the only comprehensive, online career and education planning system based on the proven science of aptitudes. It's revolutionizing the way students prepare and plan for their future by assessing aptitudes, interests, and personality in one integrated platform. From there, Latitude showcases a student’s fit within college majors and careers and empowers them to explore paths, plan for the future, and share those options with family, friends, and counselors. Making big college and career decisions? See how Latitude will put you on a path to success.




  • Virtual Globe & World Atlas - Marble's developers describe it as a "virtual globe and world atlas." Marble uses OpenStreetMap to provide street maps, satellite maps, and topographic maps. It also pulls in data from other public sources to provide a number of data layers including real time weather, cloud cover information, earthquake measurements, real time traffic, and more. Marble can also display educational and historical maps as well as maps of other planets. It also incorporates a number of routing and navigation tools like car, bike, and pedestrian navigation with turn-by-turn directions. Marble is free software, distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, with source code available under the Developers section of the website. In the Install section of the Marble site, users can locate installers for Windows and macOS systems as well as instructions for how to install Marble on most common Linux distributions. Visit this site.



  • Word of the Day - To ensure you learn something new everyday, Southside Solutions produces Word of the Day! Southside Solutions LLC is a small, privately owned and operated Independent Software Vendor and Information Technology Solutions Provider. Headquartered in Columbia, SC, Southside Solutions LLC was established in 2006 and is a proud Intel Software Partner and Microsoft Partner. With an accredited and competant team, the company strives to bring you the utmost in quality of products and service; our industry partnerships and associations serve as proof of such efforts. Southside Solutions Word of the Day



  • Bible & Faith Support - is premium audio faith content including: Bible Audio Stories, Kids Bible Stories, Prayer Meditations and Faith Music. This service is of grat value to our many Christians who use our website and services. Subscribe to Nothing is Impossible with Prayer



  • African Education Research Database - Begun in 2017 and launched in June 2018, the African Education Research Database (AERD) is "a curated collection of research undertaken in the past decade by scholars based in sub-Saharan Africa." This database, which seeks "to raise the visibility of African research" and lower barriers to accessing that research, is a collaborative initiative between the Research for Equitable Access and Learning (REAL) Centre at the University of Cambridge and Education Sub Saharan Africa (ESSA). Here, readers will find more than 2,200 items (as of this writing) of "social science research with implications for educational policy and practice," including peer-reviewed articles, doctoral dissertations, book chapters, and working papers, all produced since 2007, and the database is regularly updated with new material. Visitors can search and filter AERD by keyword, country, and research methods, and there is also an interactive map showing the number of studies available from each country. While the majority of its contents are in English, the AERD also contains some research in French and Portuguese. Visit this site. (Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2018)



  • Financial Solution to Getting Into College - College Bound Plans is a bundle of services and memberships designed to help families with the academic and financial aspects of getting their kids to college. Although college is expensive, our goal is to help you get there with as little student debt as possible. Read more.



  • Donorbox Fundraising Software - This is powerful fundraising software that is super simple to set up and attracts more recurring donors. Start fundraising with a fast, optimized donation payment system in 15 minutes. Pre-filled custom amounts with descriptions so your donors feel great by knowing what they're contributing to. Forms are localized in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, and Swedish. Set your donation forms to any color. Read more.



  • Varsity Tutors - Our service is committed to connecting students with top tutors capable of providing an incredible learning experience. Our experienced academic directors assess every student’s unique needs and learning style, and help students identify a tutor that is the best fit. This elite group of tutors brings students a wealth of experience in their individual fields of academic expertise. The tutors individualize lessons and present materials and concepts in engaging, easy-to-understand ways that keep students motivated and on the road to academic success. Varsity Tutors - Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee




  • MoneyGram - Our business provides access to financial services for consumers and businesses around the world. MoneyGram's services help people send money anywhere in the world quickly, reliably and affordably. MoneyGram, the easy way to send money now



  • Complete Dictionary Online - Unlike any other dictionary. Clever Dictionary is a: DICTIONARY with: Definitions, Synonyms, Antonyms, Hyponyms, Meronyms, Holonyms, Entailments, Hypernyms, Troponyms, A REVERSE DICTIONARY, A VISUAL THESAURUS, A MOBYSAURUS, A ROGET’S THESAURUS, A RHYMING DICTIONARY, A FAMOUS QUOTES REFERENCE, AND MUCH MORE. Software downloads are available from our website. Buy Clever Dictionary Windows Desktop Edition



  • Evaluate Candidates, Applicant & Prospective Employees - Using our reliable and valid psychological tests assists you to do this in a skillful way. Especially in the past decade with the increase of the average educational level and the oversupply of candidates per professional category, the evaluation of elements such as the ones of: the contestant's emotional intelligence, personality, professional values, decision making ability, esprit de corps and motivation may guarantee success. With the aid of those tests the processes of both personnel recruitment and assessment are enriched in an organization and the company may overcome problems of false judgments, which often result from the Human Resources Manager's subjectivity or the use of non-standard tests. By using Testbiz, both companies and professionals will be able to use scientific tests without having to forbear the insufferable cost for acquiring literary property and also in an irreproachable, objective, manageable and effective way. Reliable, high-quality and valid psychometric evaluation tests for individuals and companies by

Psychometrical Tests -


  • Research Facilities for our Readers – is the world's largest library catalog, helping you find library materials network of library content and services. World libraries are dedicated to providing access to their resources on the Web, where most people start their search for information.  Visit this site.


  • Search Tool for Researchers - The Mason OER Metafinder from The Mason Publishing Group at George Mason University Libraries is a powerful search tool that allows users to search record metadata from seventeen digital libraries and repositories, including the Digital Public Library of America, OER Commons, and AMSER-Applied Math and Science Education Repository. Searches are conducted in real-time and are not pre-indexed. To get to the actual metafinder, visitors should click on Mason OER Metafinder from the homepage. The metafinder allows users to enter search terms in full record (allowing users to search across the entire content of a document), title, author, or date range. Users can also choose which sources the metafinder should search by unselecting repositories below the search bars (all repositories are included by default). As an example, by searching for San Francisco in the full record search bar, the top 755 results are displayed from over a million sources retrieved. The option to narrow down results is available on the left-hand side of the search results. Visit this site. (Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2018)



  • Plagiarism Checker - This software is ideal for education or business purposes. Using this powerful plagiarism checking tool you can compare papers submitted earlier against newly uploaded ones to check for any similarities or to detect possible copycatting. Avoid being accused of plagiarism. Check documents using the copy plagiarism checker from any of your offices or subsidiaries. Read more



  • Money Transfers for Business, Study or Travel - No matter why you’re transferring money, World can help - so if you’re buying a property abroad, moving to a new country or paying tuition fees, collecting online sales revenue, we've got a solution that can help you get the most for your money. Once your account is set up all you need to do is tell us how much you want to send, who you want to pay and which currency you want to pay in. Then we'll quote you a rate. We just take a smaller margin than the banks do, and we try our best to make sure all your money gets to where it needs to by covering correspondent and receiving charges where we can. Read more.

  • Studying in America as a Foreign Student - This guide will help you learn from the experiences of a real life international student in America with life time updates. Studying in America as a foreign student can be a very rewarding and yet challenging experience. Every year, roughly 800,000 students from all over the world travel to the United States with hopes and dreams of getting a degree that will enhance their careers. Unfortunately many of them make lots of mistakes simply because they did not know any better. This guide aims to prevent you from repeating such mistakes thus saving you time and money. In this guide, we share our knowledge on what it is like to be an international student as well as real life experiences in America. (The Delamere Group has extensively researched this guide and we highly recommend its use) The Ultimate Guide: Succeed as a Foreign Student in America


  • How to get the H1B Visa (USA Work Permit) - This is based on a number of factors - the main one is the ability to find current and open jobs within Companies who currently do and have already sponsored H1B visas. Highest Success rates are achieved when job seekers "Target" their search to 'proven' H1B Sponsor Companies. This service covers more than just computer and IT jobs, but also many other skills currently in demand are included. Check out this site for more details. H1B Visa - Information, News, Jobs & Sponsorship



  • How to Conduct Research - Good research and good writing go hand in hand. This site from the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) introduces business personnel and students to the principles of conducting good research. The clear and helpful information on the site is divided into six digestible categories: Research Overview, Conducting Primary Research, Evaluating Sources of Information, Searching the World Wide Web, Internet References, and Archival Research. Within each of these categories are numerous informative subcategories, such as Research Ethics and Searching with a Search Engine. This last area is a great tool for business personnel and students learning how to conduct better searches, including information on Boolean operators. Visit this site. (Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2014)



  • Another Great Tool for Researchers - To produce their Arts and Culture service, Google collaborated with over 1,200 museums, galleries, and institutions from around the world to digitize some of their exhibits and make them available online. Exhibits can be browsed by a number of facets, including time period, artist, and color. Many exhibits were digitized in 3D and can be explored in virtual reality using Google Cardboard. Users may also take virtual tours through some of the world's most famous museums and landmarks. In addition to the online experience, the Arts and Culture app can also be used to enrich real-world enjoyment of the arts. It features an art recognizer feature that can identify artwork and provide additional context for them. It can also notify users of nearby exhibits and cultural events. Visit this site. (Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2018)


  • United States History (Prehistory to Reconstruction) - Uncover the political and social roots of our nation with this comprehensive guide to the early history of the U.S. In this course you will learn and uncover the political and social roots of our nation with this comprehensive guide to the early history of the U.S. Many people, both living in the United States and around the world, are interested in the history of America. A knowledge of history helps answer questions about how our country ended up where it is today, reveals the source of our diversity, and clarifies our current role and place in this vast world. Ultimately, someone who understands American history understands America, and by extension themselves. This general survey course is intended to give participants a broad understanding of United States History from the arrival of native peoples to the end of the Reconstruction era that followed the Civil War. United States History - Prehistory to Reconstruction



  • How to Undertake an Aptitude Test - Our website prepares people for psychometric tests (aptitude tests) for their new jobs. These psychometric tests are taken by candidates ranging from college students to senior management executives. With our preparation material, the candidates gain an unfair advantage to succeed further in job selection. We provide 4 different type of psychometric tests - Abstract, Numerical, Personality and Verbal. Our tests are based on the latest format of psychometric test which is - Computer-Adaptive tests. This means that if a question is answered correctly, a difficult question is presented. However, if the question is answered incorrectly, a simpler question is presented. We also offer free sample tests to provide the candidates an experience of how the paid psychometric tests from our website will look like. Read more.


  • The School Funding Center - The School Funding Center provides a huge database of over 300,000 grants worth over twenty billion dollars currently available to educators throughout the United States. The School Funding Center web site and database bring schools desperately needing money for the betterment of our students and their education. Read more.



  • Scribendi Online Editing & Proofreading – Our company is based in Ontario, Canada, and our primary goal is to provide clients with fast, reliable, and affordable revision services. We offer high-quality and personalized editing services that can result in an author being published, a business professional landing that big client, or a student receiving a university degree or college diploma. And that’s why, here at, we only employ the most experienced and highly educated editors. Read more.

  • Search Accredited Colleges & Schools in the USA - Our education service assists professionals to advance their career objectives and reach academic goals by matching them to over 50 leading accredited schools and over 600 degree programs for free. Our goal is to help readers earn their degree, online or on campus, by providing them with leading accredited schools that best match their preferences. Through, readers can get matched with an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate degree, diploma or professional certificate, depending upon their educational background. Certificate Programs Find Leading Colleges in 3 Minutes. Pursue a Degree, Enroll Today!edu

Discover Our Business Programs  


  • Ivy League Universities Admissions Services - To secure a place in one of the Ivy League Universities is now more competitive than ever. The tops schools regularly reject 80 - 90% of all applications, including many with perfect grade point averages and top scores. How do they decide who gets in? Many applicants would love to know the "secret", the competitive edge that can help them gain acceptance. We know from experience, that it is the "application essays" that carry the weight. Our partners, in our education promotion field are now offering a service which will offer critical guidance to Ivy league University applicants, whether its medical, law, or business, and will advise you on how to give your application the edge over the competition. For full details on how to use this service, click here.


  • Online Speech Training - SpeechSchool.TV is the world's #1 provider of online speech training. Intensive voice coaching, elocution lessons and speech training has helped give rise to some of the world's great speakers and performers on the public stage: Margaret Thatcher, Samuel L. Jackson, Cate Blanchett and Vanessa Redgrave to name a few, not to mention King George VI (if you have seen The King's Speech movie). It has also helped many 'English as a Second Language' speakers to achieve a natural standard of spoken English, improving their ability to succeed in studies and employment in English speaking countries. SpeechSchool.TV has a vision of changing lives by empowering speech and improving communication around the world. LEARN AN ENGLISH ACCENT: Is your speech holding you back? Get the world's #1 speech course at www.SpeechSchool.TV

    SpeechSchool.TV - The world's #1 provider of online speech training


  • We Need Qualified Writers - The Delamere Group and Suite101 has over 10,000 writers and 30 million monthly readers internationally. As we continue to expand our writer base, we are seeking qualified writers from all different levels of their career to apply to write for us. Click here!


  • Resume (CV) Prepared by Professionals - We write result-oriented documents that not only get responses from potential employers but help you to get the job you want. We have years of resume-writing experience and almost a 100% level of satisfaction from our customers. We not only write for you first-rate, professional, custom resumes and CVs but also serve as your personal job search consultants. Helpful career tips and more are given to help get your career on track. Also included are much-needed cover letters and follow-up letters. Click here.

  • Expert Answers to Questions - Just Answer, founded in 2003, is the largest online Expert Q&A site where people come when they need a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, vet, tech support, tutor or 20,000 other experts in 100+ categories to answer their questions. Click here. 

  • Improve Your English Language - Spellzone is an online English spelling course with hundreds of pages of teaching, spelling tests and games. Spellzone is written mainly with older students in mind such as teenagers and adults. The spelling course is used to teach and improve English spelling in schools, colleges and adult training centres and is suitable for helping students with dyslexia. It is also used to help teach English worldwide. Read more.


  • How to Choose the Right Career, Employment & Occupational Online Handbook - The USA Department of Labor issued this tremendously useful Handbook in its online format, and for those looking for a new career or those who are just starting out, it provides a wealth of helpful facts. Basic information for hundreds of jobs is made available in the Handbook, including such details as the training and education required for each position, along with expected earnings, future job prospects, and information on working conditions. Additionally, users can look at sections that provide suggestions on how to evaluate a job offer, and a section on the methodology used to prepare the Handbook. Visit this site. (Kindly submitted by The Scout Report)


  • Automated Proofreader & Grammar Checker - Grammarly is an automated proofreader and your personal grammar coach. Using this powerful business tool, you can check your writing for grammar, punctuation, style and much more. Grammarly is trusted by 300,000+ students, and has been endorsed by hundreds of universities including Princeton University, University of South Florida, University of Virginia and many others. Instant Spelling And Grammar Checkerc

Free Check for Plagiarism



  • Automating & Organizing Your Music Studio - The Delamere Group is proud to introduce Music Teacher's Helper to our clients. Have you ever wished for an easier way to track how much each student owes you? Do your students or their parents ever forget about a lesson or recital? Or did you ever lend out a book to a student, and never get it back? Music Teacher's Helper is on-line software that takes the frustration out of managing your studio. Handling everything from billing and lesson schedules, to automatic reminders and tax reports, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it! Save time and money with an automated studio whether you teach piano or percussion, violin or voice, Music Teacher's Helper will save you time and money by automating and organizing your studio. Check out what it can do for your business or signup for a free trial and see for yourself. Read more.



  • Photographic Records of Britain - The Frith archive was founded in 1860 and contains over 365,000 photographs of some 7,000 towns and villages throughout Britain. Taken between 1860 and 1970 these form a topographical record of Britain without equal and is recognised as the only photographic collection of national importance remaining in private hands. Whilst some of the photographs are undoubtedly artistically outstanding, the real value of the archive lies in its personal relevance for anyone with connections to the British Isles. Click here.

  • Geological Maps of England & Wales - William Smith (1769-1839) was a land surveyor, mineral prospector, and geologist best known for creating the geological map of England and Wales in 1815. In addition, Smith completed a number of geological maps of individual English counties between 1819 and 1824. On this website, visitors can explore Smith's maps, which have been digitized courtesy of the National Museum of Wales, Stanford University, the University of Nottingham, and the Oxford University Museum of National Geography. Visitors can explore Smith's maps via the maps tab, alongside other historical and geological maps. These are organized on an interactive map of the United Kingdom. In addition, this website contains a biographical essay about Smith, along with an explanation of stratigraphy: "a part of geology concerned primarily with layering in sedimentary rocks." As the team behind this site notes, Smith used his knowledge of stratigraphy (although he never used the word) to create his impressive maps.  Visit this site. (From the Scout Report)





    • Breaking News for Our Genealogy Researchers - Two of the world’s largest family history research organizations are joining forces in an effort they say will bring 1 billion historical records online.  The LDS Church-operated Family Search International and the Utah-based company announced a deal Thursday (5 September 2013) in which they will collaborate to bring online the church’s vast worldwide collections of family-history records. Read more.

    • Family Search – Family is a nonprofit family history organization sponsored by the LDS Church and dedicated to connecting families across generations. Learning about our ancestors helps us better understand who we are—creating a family bond, linking the present to the past, and building a bridge to the future. Click here.



    • Digital Scriptorium (DS Pre-modern Manuscripts - For researchers interested in medieval and Renaissance print culture, the Digital Scriptorium (DS) is a consortium of libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions that is dedicated to digitizing and cataloging their collections of pre-modern manuscripts. These institutions include the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University, the New York Public Library, and a number of other institutions with rich collections of pre-modern material. As noted on this website, DS is dedicated to making available not only well-known manuscripts but also "unidentified manuscripts that are traditionally unlikely candidates for exhibition or reproduction in print." As a result, DS offers researchers a large breadth of material to explore in one centralized location. Those interested in exploring this collection may want to start by reading the About DS page, which provides information about using and citing the collection. From there, visitors may access the collection through the search or advanced search options. The latter option allows visitors to explore manuscripts by location, language, or data range.  Visit this site. (From the Scout Report)

    • Letters of William Herle Project, of the Court of Elizabeth the First - William Herle was a sixteenth-century spy and diplomat who worked on behalf of the court of Elizabeth I and left behind hundreds of letters, which are housed in libraries and archives throughout Britain. The Letters of William Herle Project makes this corpus of letters, which were previously unpublished and unedited, available in one place for the first time, offering those interested in early modern history a rich and fascinating resource. Readers will find searchable transcripts of over three hundred of Herle's letters, written to and from such prominent figures as William Cecil (Lord Burghley) and Robert Dudley (Earl of Leicester). This resource also contains a series of indexes allowing readers to browse the letters by criteria such as recipient and archival location, as well as a selection of images that "illustrate features of the material nature of these letters." The introduction section provides concise background information about Herle and his correspondence. Released in 2006, the Letters of William Herle Project was edited by Robyn Adams, Senior Research Fellow at University College London's Centre for Editing Lives and Letters, and directed by Alison Wiggins, Lecturer in English Language at the University of Glasgow.  Visit this site. (From the Scout Report)

    • A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837-1901 - In nineteenth-century England, circulating libraries allowed subscribers to borrow books for an annual fee. English professor Troy Bassett of Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne has created At the Circulating Library: a "biographical and bibliographical database of nineteenth-century British fiction" spanning from 1837 through 1901. This database, which is hosted by the Victorian Research Web, includes over 15,000 titles and includes novels from The English Catalogue of Books and the British Library Integrated Catalogue. In addition to novels, the collection also includes information about literature that was serialized in popular periodicals. Visitors may browse this database by title, author, year, or publisher. In addition, visitors can browse via a number of designated genres (which include Gothic Novel, Military Fiction, Slum Fiction, and Character: Fallen Woman, to name just a few) as well as designated groups (including American Authors, Suffragists, and Bronte Family). Visit this site. (From the Scout Report)



    • Academic Family Tree - For researchers of all stripes, the Academic Family Tree is "a nonprofit, user-content-driven web database that aims to accurately document and publicly share the academic genealogy of current and historical researchers across all fields of academia." Today, the Academic Family Tree contains nearly 700,000 researchers from dozens of disciplines, including education, linguistics, sociology, biology, law, history, and much more. Visitors may search the Academic Family Tree by research institution and individual. From here, visitors can view how individual researchers are connected to one another (e.g. advisors and graduate students). In addition, users can search for connections between researchers.  Visit this site. (From the Scout Report)

    • A Valuable Tool for Research into British Ancestry & Political Connections - The History of Parliament has always been a source for local historians. Their research has not just focused on the MPs and their decisions in Westminster but their lives at home: how they came to be elected, who their patrons were, what local political issues they faced.  Visit this site.



    • FreeBMD (Free Births, Marriages, & Deaths) - This is an ongoing project, the aim of which is to transcribe the Civil Registration index of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales, and to provide free Internet access to the transcribed records. Find out more.

    • Britain's National Portrait Gallery - The official blog of Britain's National Portrait Gallery is an exemplar of a good museum blog. Each entry provides additional insight into the works at the National Portrait Gallery accompanied by plenty of images of artwork. As a result, the blog can be enjoyed by art fans around the world, while also offering a helpful educational tool that will enhance visits to the National Portrait Gallery. Recent entries highlight the self-portraits of Paul Cezanne, the work of photographer Charlie Clift, and a pair of "Curator's Choice" blog posts, in which gallery curators select their favorite works in the museum. Visitors can browse previous blog posts by portraiture periods (including Tudor, 20th century, contemporary) or medium (painting, photography, or sculpture.) In addition, visitors can browse entries that address what goes on behind the scenes at the museum (e.g. conservation, new additions.) Visit this site. (From the Scout Report)

    • National Archives & Records (USA) - Hosted by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the History Hub is a place for history researchers of all stripes to connect and collaborate. The Hub offers a number of community forums, hosted by NARA research staff, which will appeal to a broad range of historians. For example, in the genealogy group, researchers can pose questions or research challenges and receive feedback from NARA staff as well as community members. Other discussion pages focus on specific research areas, including American Indian records, African American records, military records, and presidential records. Not sure where to post a research question? Visitors are also invited to post in the researchers help program. To assist in answering research questions, NARA staff draws on their own expertise and also reach out to other research experts. The History Hub provides a valuable service for professional and amateur researchers, librarians, and educators. Visit this site.



    • Society of American Archivists Electronic Records - For archivists, record managers, and others interested in keeping abreast of efforts to archive born-digital and digitized materials, the Society of American Archivists Electronic Records Section blog is a must-read. Launched in January 2015, this regularly-updated blog provides information about training opportunities, conferences, publications, and issues of interest in the field of archives and records management. In addition, this blog features reflections on new tools and ongoing conversations in the world of electronic archives and records. For example, in one recent post, published on December 19, 2017, Laurie Allen and Stewart Varner reflect on partnerships between digital scholarship librarians and archives/special collections professionals. In another recent post, the authors of the University of California Guidelines for Born-Digital Archival Description explain how they created their guidelines and how archivists can access these guidelines. This blog is authored by a number of contributors, offering a diversity of voices and perspectives. Visit this site.


    • Living DNA – Our company is a personal DNA service, designed to help people understand more about themselves and where they come from in unparalleled detail.  Living DNA’s ancestry test is the world’s most sophisticated on the market. Living DNA is the first company in the world to offer a DNA ancestry test that allows people to break down their British ancestry to any of 21 regions in the UK and see how their worldwide ancestry has evolved over history.  It also breaks down people’s ancestry into 80 worldwide population groups – more than any other company. Living DNA USA


    • USA National Archives - For readers who are fascinated by genealogy, the National Archives has a page dedicated to helping people find their roots. The easiest place to start is the section entitled "Start Your Family Research." There readers will find instructions about how to start their research, some helpful research tips, guidance on the use of the site's military records, and reference reports on a range of topics, from census to citizenship to federal employees. Also on the homepage, readers will find links to popular topics like land records and immigration, as well as tools for genealogists and genealogy-related articles. Visit this site. (From the Scout Report)


    • Irish Genealogy - We are professional genealogists who use the resources at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, as well as archives in Ireland during our research trips there, to compile family histories for our clients. This is where you can take full-advantage of our skill and expertise to research your unique Irish family history! Visit our site and Read more.



    • The Scottish Register of Tartans - This website will be of interest to genealogists, textile aficionados, and history buffs in equal measure. This online database of tartan designs, established by the Scottish Register of Tartans Act 2008 and administered by the National Records of Scotland, is searchable by Tartan name, Designer, Registration Date, and Colours (as well a number of other more specialized apects, like threadcount). For those wishing to purchase lengths of their family tartan, the Scottish designers page lists current designers and weavers operating in Scotland, as well as a link to the STA (Scottish Tartan Authority) website. The History section defines tartan, cites sources from the National Records of Scotland, and relays interesting bits of history, such as the earliest mention of 'Highland tartan', 1538; or a Comic postcard dating from the 1920s, showing a young boy in a tartan kilt. Visit this site. (From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2015)



    • Search for Individuals in the UK- This service is the leading people finding website in the UK, attracting over three million unique visitors every month. Use our service to search for friends and family that they've lost touch with. To complete an address/find a phone number for someone they're already in touch with, and to verify the identity of someone they've just met or are trading with online. Click here

    • Using Maps in Family History - Place My Past is a free handy application designed to map a family history via historical maps made available online. After uploading family information, visitors can use the annotation tools to mark places on the map for future reference and use. Read more.


    • Historical Newspapers - is the online home of millions pages of historical newspapers from thousands of newspapers from around the United States and beyond. Newspapers provide a unique view of the past and can help us understand and connect with the people, events and attitudes of an earlier time. This is a great resource for genealogists and researchers. The Independent Record

    Discover you family history through historical newspapers at  


    • Genealogy Bank (Formerly Newspaper Archives) This service is a leading online genealogical resource from News Bank, Inc. featuring a wealth of exclusive material-including modern obituaries and historical newspapers, books, pamphlets, military records, government documents and more. Genealogy Bank helps you discover fascinating information about your family history. Genealogy Bank's 6,100+ historical newspapers include letters, speeches, opinion pieces, advertisements, hometown news, photographs, illustrations and more. These unique primary documents go beyond names and dates, providing first-hand accounts that simply aren't available from census or vital records alone. Genealogy Search


    • Search Historical Documents - This site is a place where original historical documents are combined with social networking in order to create a truly unique experience involving the stories of our past. The collections feature documents, most never before available before on the Internet, relating to the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, US Presidents, historical newspapers, naturalization documents, and many more. This service is more than just an online repository for original documents. In addition to hosting millions of records, and supports a community of people who are passionate about a variety of topics relating to history. Search Records

    Search Military Records - Fold3

    • For our Jewish readers, we invite you to check out brilliant website related to Jewish History, visit the Center for Jewish History.

    • War Records of British Troops - Our Military Genealogy site is the ONLY location where you can find military records of over 3.5 million British Armed Forces personnel exclusively cross matched with over 4000 Regiments, Bases and Ships of the British Armed Forces going back to before 1350, making your military genealogy task much easier and more complete. Our site is split up into different sections with name searches of forces records for those personnel whom either died in battle or those still alive today, and our history search details information of just about every unit ever created in the British Armed Forces. Read more.


    • The British Newspaper Archive – This service is one of the largest newspaper archive resources in the world. Through our partner with the British Library, we set up to digitise their collection of over 300 years of newspapers. Now accessible to the public, with market leading search functionality, it offers access to over 5 million pages of historical newspapers. A great source for hobby historians, students, reporters and editors - what will you discover? British Newspaper Archive



    • Burke's Peerage & Gentry - This is the definitive genealogical guide to the major aristocratic, historical and royal families of the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States of America. There are over 1 million names in our more than 15,000 records of the gentry and peerage of the United Kingdom, historical families of Ireland, distinguished and presidential families of the United States, and the royal families of Europe, as well as other prominent individuals. Each pedigree has been meticulously researched by a team of professional genealogists to ensure the information is accurate, reliable and up-to-date. Click here for Burke's Peerage & Gentry.

      Editor’s Note: This site contains a useful page of excellent resources for researchers into British History, read more.


    • Hand Copied Works of Art - All of our paintings are 100% handmade on a blank canvas with oils. Our experienced artists work the same way that Da Vinci and Monet did. They start with a sketch, add details, fill in the colors, add textures and highlights, and the results are extraordinary. In the end, you'll own a true work of art. Oil Painting Reproductions - 1st-art-gallery



    • Search Your Past History - With over half a billion family history records, Find My Past makes it easy to research your UK ancestry and create your family tree. Search through census records and trace births, marriages and deaths to bring your family history to life. is a family history and genealogy website based in London, UK, containing over 550 million family history records, with more being added all the time. Visit our site, Find My Past


    • History & family research project of Maurice Egerton, 4th Lord Egerton of Tatton Hall, Cheshire, UK. - Note: This brief genealogical report is only in its preliminary stages and we acknowledge that errors may be contained in this report, but we request that any information or additional details be submitted to our research department at our email address.


    • History & family research project of Lord Delamere of Vale Royal Abbey, England - Note: This ongoing genealogical report is still only in its preliminary stages and we acknowledge that errors may be contained in this report, but we request that any information or additional details be submitted to our research department at our email address.


    • The Complete Genealogy Reporter - This tool enables users of genealogy software and websites to create comprehensive narrative reports and hyperlinked web folders from the contents of a standard GEDCOM file. The output may be configured to incorporate some or all of the people and families recorded in the GEDCOM file. Read more.


    • Download this free desktop genealogy program - This site hosts the largest pedigree linked archive in the world plus many other genealogy research tools and resources and a free newsletter. It provides a free online genealogy program for inputting and displaying your genealogy online, as well as, a popular free desktop genealogy program. Click here.


    • Ancient Coat of Arms & Surname Histories - Your source for surname ancient coat of arms and surname histories: House of Names features historically authentic arms prints and histories of last names, that are based on over 35 years of research. Browse the list for your surname.


    • Discover Your Ancestry with the Help of Others - Since genealogy and family tree research is now so popular, this website has set up a network of existing research sources which will save you time and money. You can build your research where others may have left off. Our clients who have used this service "One Great Family" have highly recommended its scope and value in helping them trace their genealogy and family tree. Request the 7-day FREE trial for visitors to our website. Want to search for your Family History? OneGreatFamily can help!



    • The Most Comprehensive & Detailed Aerial Survey of the UK - This is a brilliant series of map-accurate aerial images of the UK (more countries are being planned so please check site for the latest country surveys available). These aerial surveys are not only of great value to students, business, and the construction industry, but also make a great gift. Check out the sample aerial survey of your house, street and locality, you will be impressed. Click here for more details.


    • Genealogical Searches in Ireland - Our Genealogist and Record Agent based in Dublin, Ireland, provides a professional genealogical record searching service and an on-line ordering facility. Birth records, birth certificate, marriage records, death records, 1901 Census, 1911 Census, Griffith's Primary Valuation, Tithe Applotment Books, Valuation Office Revision Books and Wills are among the records searched. For more details, click here.

    Click here to join the Irish Circle


    • Your Family Crest & Coat of Arms - The Family Crest and Coat of Arms web site features a huge database of half a million last names with many customized items available - framed crests with histories, shirts, mugs, wine glasses, plaques, and more. Visit our site


    • Handmade Swords & Armor - For the most unique, handmade swords and armor crafted in Toledo, Spain! Featuring TOP of the Line quality samurai and medieval swords, knives, highlanders, rapiers, daggers, spears, armor and other martial weaponry, hand forged by master craftsmen from world-renowned Spanish steel in Toledo, Spain. Visit our site


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    • British Heritage - This magazine covers British pleasures, treasures, travel, history, tradition, as well as the people, places, and events that give this area of the world its distinctive personality are included in each issue of British Heritage. BRITISH HERITAGE



    Student and Education Resources


    • For a more comprehensive search for employment, please visit our employment pages.

    • Shortterm Rentals - Our service is an online marketplace for short term apartment and home rentals in over 900 cities internationally. Find and rent properties, from vacation homes to corporate rentals, for daily, weekly and monthly rent, visit our site.


    • Digital Textbook Reader - Kno is a digital textbook reader that is changing the way knowledge is transmitted and the way students learn. With over 100,000 eTextbooks available for purchase or rent at 30-50% off the list price, Kno has the largest eTextbook catalog in the world. Backed with ~$90M in funding and a world-class team, Kno provides college students with an unparalleled advantage to get the most out of their iPads. 100,000 eTextbooks at 30-50% off at

    • Tool to Help Achieve Best Education Opportunities - EssayEdge is one of the top editing, writing, and document production services on the net. We offer a wide range of services for students looking to attend private high schools to the highest education level. Customers can tailor our offering to fit their needs whether they require an essay touch up, or need someone to work with them through the whole essay process. We also provide tutoring on term papers through our Writing Help services. Improve your Statement of Purpose with help from EssayEdge.



    • Digital College Text Books - VitalSource is a new way for students to save an average of 50% on textbooks by buying digital and we have over 5,000 titles in eTextbook format representing one third of all titles used on campus. That means almost every student can find at least one of his or her assigned textbooks as an eTextbook at VitalSource. All titles allow search, printing, highlighting, note-taking, and copy and paste capabilities. Students who buy an eTextbook at VitalSource gain instant access to their book (versus waiting for it to come in the mail) and then have access anytime and anywhere they need it. eTextbooks are sold in an online or downloadable format. Save up to 60% on course textbooks at

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    • Being an international student studying in the United States is exciting - Applying for a visa can seem long and complicated. Choosing the right travel documentation such as a Student and Tourist visa is essential. Visas are often denied due to lack of information to the applicant. It is very important that you know the process of getting the US student visa. If you do not have the required documents with you, your visa application is likely to be rejected. Your attention to detail is vital when applying. We recommend obtaining our CD and e-Book , which explains everything you need to know about the student visa. Read more.


    • Part Time Writing Jobs - Writing content for companies and online businesses is in demand more than ever. Anyone, regardless of experience, can start earning money almost immediately doing things like: Writing short articles, maintaining company Facebook profiles, proofreading online content, plus other opportunities. Click here!

    • Entertainment & Show Business Jobs - Casting360 is one of the largest and fastest growing online entertainment community websites. We provide our members of actors, models, singers, dancers and just everyday people an opportunity to break into the entertainment business by providing thousands of nationwide casting calls for movies, TV shows, modeling, music videos, theater, dance and reality TV shows. We have over 80,000 casting directors, filmmakers, producers and directors posting casting calls on our site every day. Read more.


    • How to Earn Money from Writing - Our service is now partnering with 1000s of well known employers, and users will be able to work from home doing short blog posts, write short articles, check websites for inappropriate content, and maintain company social media outlets and more. Click here!


    • DJ Tool - This software is relatively inexpensive for doing beat matching, vocal removal and harmonic mixing. It's deceptively simple. Buy DJ Twist & Burn


    • Ordnance Survey Maps & Travel Aids - The UK Ordnance Survey is the national mapping agency of Great Britain and is the leading provider of paper mapping products and outdoor essentials. The brand is highly regarded by ramblers, map lovers and all those who like to spend time outdoors. The strength of the geographic data produced by Ordnance Survey has fostered a strong reputation amongst loyal customers who have been using OS Explorer and OS Landranger maps for years. Ordnance Survey


    • Our Free Translation Service - Quickly translate Microsoft Word documents, Outlook emails and highlighted text, you also obtain an instant online quote from, our translation services agency, and we use only high quality translation services from our professionally trained, native speaking translators. Click here.


    • High School & College Yearbooks - has the largest collection of old High School and College Yearbooks on the Internet. You can search and browse over 1.3 million yearbook pages from hundreds of high schools and colleges across the USA. Our collection has millions of yearbook pictures! We offer unique content not found anywhere else on the Internet. Read more


    • Improve Your English Writing - WhiteSmoke is unique software, providing the first context-related all-in-one solution for improved English writing. WhiteSmoke was chosen by "Business 2.0" as one of the new promising inventions of 2006. This revolutionary writing tool instantly analyzes complete text and provides context-based recommendations to replace words with synonyms, adds adjectives and adverbs, checks spelling, and verifies proper grammar use. Advanced Writing Solution for Professional Results Limited Time Offer! Get Now!


    • Education Software by Microsoft - Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2008 is a productivity suite of homework tools and trusted information designed to help students quickly and easily complete assignments in a variety of subjects and excel in school. Whether its math, research projects, or foreign languages, you can obtain the right tools and information to get your homework started quickly, get questions answered faster, and complete assignments that help you earn higher grades. No Shipping - Download Now at Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace
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    • Jobs for Students - College has been in business since 2001, helping colleges manage their off-campus job postings. We help students find part-time jobs, seasonal employment and internships. Read more.



    • Nannies Required & Nannies Listed in Your Area - Whether it is the need for a nanny, au-pair or babysitter, we know the normal fears in searching for quality childcare from someone you can trust. We understand the anxieties, the concerns, the confusion and we are here to qualm all your apprehensions with quiet reassurance. So if your nanny requirements are live in or live out; full time or part time, permanent position, temporary, even summertime, nannies4hire is here for you. We are an online referral service with a quick and easy database designed to assist you in finding quality nannies and au pairs for all your childcare needs. We also specialize in Eldercare/Companion Care. Online access is available 24 hours a day at your fingertips - at a moment's notice. FREE Nanny Search at


    • Delamere Education reminds all students who plan to study or visit other countries usually require a visa of some kind. Please visit the site of Delamere Immigration Services for more information.

    • Maps For the Office, School or Home Use - We now produce and sell the best selling world wall map along with a large range of other wall maps. We also hold a number of different travel map titles with hundreds of destinations as well as a range of gift products such as globes, atlases etc. We have a great reputation for top quality products, very competitive prices and the best customer service. Click here to see our catalog.



    • Our Worldwide Job Agency - Delamere Employment Services are promoting Job, which is a worldwide job agency. We connect job seekers with employers all over the world. For more details, click here!


    • Are you interested in becoming a teacher? - We are currently promoting a short online course that helps to develop an understanding of teaching as a profession, and to assist one in the evaluation his/her motivation and ability to become part of this profession. Also concentrates on a teacher's first classroom. For more details go to our "Online Courses" page click here and select Category Teacher Education (MTC 269-A) For more details click here

    • Maps and World Atlas for Teaching and Learning Programmes - Our partner supplies maps and an online world atlas. Maps of every country, getting directions and navigate anywhere in the USA without leaving your computer. Excellent facility in helping you to plan a trip, with currency conversions. Wall maps printed with top quality production, are also supplied. Check out this site and win a FREE wall map. Click here has over 3,500 maps.


    • How to Obtain a Legally Recognized Degree Based on Your Life/Work Experience or Prior Study - There are times in life, when because of circumstances you are overlooked for employment or promotion opportunities, yet you have the experience of life or skills, but are just lacking that 'piece of paper.' We have on occasions recommended to our clients, using this entirely legal and accredited way of obtaining an "Instant Degree" from a recognized institute operating a legally recognized tertiary education. Many are now holding senior positions in government and private companies. Read more, especially the FAQ on this service.
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    • For all student travel services with great discounts, visit Delamere Travel ®

    • Our firm has an ongoing contact with 'private colleges' in South Africa, and these colleges are always looking for qualified teaching staff in various fields, such as travel & tourism, languages, IT skills, business subjects, plus many more career areas.. Why not enjoy a working holiday in this beautiful part of the world, contact us if you desire more information.

    • Check our page on Specialized Software related to the field of education click here

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